Printer IM C2500

LANIER Intelligent Devices remain current and relevant no matter what your workplace requires. This way, you have ready and easy access to new functionality, when needed. Environmentally-friendly low TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) values deliver reduced energy consumption and cut running costs, while Intelligent Support features such as Predictive Maintenance mean that device performance is monitored and any fixes resolved swiftly — minimizing the impact on your workplace.

Ready to take a swipe at a faster way to work? Our range of Intelligent Devices come fitted with a 10.1” Smart Operation Panel designed to enhance your productivity, mobility and environmental commitment. Experience a user interface that offers fast and simple navigation with the ability to customize the layout to best suit your needs — even by adding your own company branding. Access device features, move between jobs and tasks quickly and conveniently enable teams to work smarter.

First output speed (B/W): 5.1 seconds
First output speed (full color): 7.4 seconds
Continuous output speed: 25 ppm